Thursday, 9 September 2021


I haven't blogged for ages. For nearly two months in fact. That was partly because I appreciated that even blogging about why there was not going to be a second independence referendum sort of fed the narrative that there might. 

But slowly others are also pointing that out, most immediately Euan McColm in today's Sunday Times. So long as Westminster says no it will not happen and so long as a majority, or even a narrow minority, of Scottish residents agree with that veto then that's that.

SNP Conferences might eventually lose patience with Nicola over this but that would only be a cause of rejoicing on our side. Her opponents have no better idea of the way forward (or more correctly backward) than she has. Even the Albanians demand "something must be done" without being able to say what that "something" might be. to many pre  existing conditions. It is terrible for those affected but how many are they in truth?

Two weeks ago, Andi and I went to Bristol and then Bath for a long weekend. As I waited in a pub to come up the roasd, Andi having taken herself off to see the Bath Costume Museum, an expedition on which I passed, I got a text message that "Track and Trace" had determined I needed to isolsate fot ten days as I had been in contact with someone who had tested postive, I interpreted the contradictory messages that I should "go home immediately" and "avoid public transport" in favour of not walking from Bath to Scotland but instead on getting home. But on getting home I felt required to follow the rules. These rules might be absurd but I had no desire to be potentially making that poinr before the Scottish Solicitirs Discipline Tribunal.

Except my being stuck in the house had knock on effects for other people. On the Monday I had a deferred sentence for a guy who, having done the crime, might well ultimately have to do the time. Hell mend him, you might say, but he was surely entitled to know. He won't now until August. On the Wednesday a trial for a guy who, eighteen months after he left his ex, found himself  facing an allegation he had assaulted their child while they were still together. An allegation not even made until he acquired a new girlfriend but proved sufficient for him only allowed to see that child under social work supervision. Again, if it is true, Hell mend him. But whether it is or not, nobody will now know until September. And in another case, it could be "covered" by somebody else.  Normally fine but occasionally not with adverse consequence for the client. 

And during all this, there was literally nothing wrong with me! I have had Coronavirus, I'd had had my two jags, I'd even had  my required negative test. But I still couldnt go to my work! 

Now, I'd also make this point. If these cases I refer to had concluded I would also have got paid. .That is how the Legal Aid Scheme works. You get paid when it is finished. To be fair, the Scottish Government has made exeptiotions to that when Coronavirus has affected the accused or the witnesses but not the lawyer. And on any view I am not starvung as a result. 

But  still, let's assume I was a tradesman, expecting  a cheque on finishing a  job and then booked out well  beyond the  week ahead?  I'm not getting my money and the client is not getting their new kitchen because.....?  Or a restarant owner required  to shut down because the boy employed to wash dishes on a Saturday night has  tested positive but interacted in the process with pretty much everybody else? 

This is getting beyond absurd, 

But it is driven by a public sector agenda. Nothing can ever be safe enough for those who get paid in full nonetheless